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WHY DON’T BANKS allow a certain amount over the limit to good customers’ checking accounts? Surely they would charge for the use of this money, but it would be nice to know that it was there. The customers would appreciate it.

I’M SORRY FOR THE LOSS of Whitney Houston. All these wonderful people showed up for her funeral. Buy where were they when she was alive and she really needed help from them?

WHOEVER STOLE MY CHANGE purse, which included my driver’s license, health and business cards, at Subway or China Express on Peach Orchard Road, no good luck will come to you.

RANT FOR OUR GOVERNMENT. There have been more chrome rims bought with Medicaid money than anything else. Abomination of hardworking taxpayer’s money. Free cell phones for deadbeats is an abomination also.

OBAMA HAS DONE a great job of brainwashing supporters with the belief that the wealthy are not doing their “fair” share and therefore the wealthy are to be blamed for the debt and downfall of our economy. This blame and pitiful excuse has been used as a cover-up for failures by Obama.

WAY TO GO, RICK SANTORUM, for standing up to the liberal media and letting your views be known concerning Obama administration. Seems it’s perfectly OK for media to attack Repubs and Conservatives, but to go after Obama and the Dems is totally off limits. Keep up the good work, Rick!

A BIG RANT TO the superintendent of Warren County Schools. Why cancel the playoff game with Hancock County? Why not play the game without spectators? You stated that you weren’t worried about the players only the crowds. Think outside the box and don’t punish those that weren’t responsible!

A RANT TO A local middle school. This is one of the worst years my daughter has ever experienced. The discipline is awful and she has a difficult time learning due to behavior issues.

A RANT TO RCBOE who continues to send student criminals to tribunals wasting thousands of dollars while rarely backing teachers over the behavior issues they encounter. The principals only serve as puppets for the BOE as the students have no fear of consequences of their actions. The principals fearing for their reputation continue to allow parents and their hoodlum kids to dictate discipline policy or the lack thereof.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

Rants and raves