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THE WATERWORKS DEPARTMENT is stealing from us. My wife and I were out of town for two weeks. We live by ourselves in Knight Woods and our water bill went up $6.


LET ME GET THIS straight: You are against abortion but you don’t want birth control either? You just don’t want a woman to have a chance, do you?


SUNDAY ALCOHOL SALES will not stop “nip” houses in Richmond County. That’s where people go for just a drink (a nip). They don’t want or cannot afford a bottle. They drop in to get a drink of vodka or whiskey and are off. Some are underage and get a beer. The cops know where these nip houses are. There are several in Harrisburg.


I AM A REPUBLICAN and Obama hater and I so say what I mean, but the paper won’t print it. Now ain’t that something?


TO THE PERSON who thinks we should fix infrastructure to create jobs rather than allow the Keystone pipeline: Private industry pays for the pipeline. Guess who pays for the bill for infrastructure?


WHAT DO THE GRAMMY awards have to do with music? I think Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Ella Fitz­gerald would be rolling in their graves.


I AM SO SICK AND TIRED of the Republicans blaming Obama for all the sin in the world today. Man is to blame, not Obama, so you so-called Chris­tians don’t blame him. Pray for the wicked people.


I WISH PEOPLE IN this country would wake up and see where Obama is leading us. He is spending us into bankruptcy so the people won’t have any choice but to depend on what he says.


RAVES TO MR. ETHAN at the Regions Bank in Harlem, Ga. He is so nice and polite. When you walk in, it is a breath of fresh air. He is always kind and caring.



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