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TO THE RANTER concerning the Keystone Pipeline: The questionable number of jobs could be better used to repair U.S. infrastructure rather than tear up thousands of miles laying the pipes.


A RANTER was complaining about the rich not paying their fair share. The ranter must be one of the 49 percent who do not pay any taxes at all.


RAVE TO JUVENILE Court Judge Doug Flanagan for taking a stand on bullying. I totally agree with Judge Flanagan’s views on bullying being abusive, illegal and the fact that bullying will not be tolerated. By the way, no one better come close to even thinking about bullying my grandson.


THIS IS A RANT for sports writer Scott Michaux. Stop blathering over Tiger Woods. He put himself where he is because he is arrogant. And please don’t put his picture in the sports section when he doesn’t win. You should put the winner in. Get over him and write about the great players we have now.


I WOULD LIKE TO know why is it your water bill is the same every month, but if you go outside and pull the cover up, it is so filthy that nobody could read it. Why don’t they read it and give us a decent water bill instead of charging us so much for water and sewage?


A BIG RAVE TO the Hancock County grand jury. Obviously they were very fair in their determination on the football game. They certainly didn’t need to charge anybody in Hancock for it. Those people are OK.


THOSE THAT LOVE Mr. Dean and his family, please don’t forget them. Write a little note to his wife. Those with a lot of money can put up scholarships and help those children. He is not an outcast. Judge Blanchard should have been more lenient. People that kill and rape don’t get that much time.


WHY DON’T ALL you Republicans and Obama haters come on out and say what you mean when you say you want to take back the country. You know what you want to say, but you just won’t say it.


I AM SORRY Jon Huntsman gave up. He had the hottest wife and the best-looking daughters of anyone in the race.


Fri, 08/18/2017 - 10:49

Man dies after fatal crash on Mims Road