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Girl gets away from kidnapper in store


BREMEN — A 7-year-old girl remembered her “stranger danger” training and was able to get away from a man who tried to abduct her Wednesday at a Walmart store, police said.

“I just remembered kick them as hard as you can,” Brittany Baxter told WSB-TV.

Thomas A. Woods, 25, of Austell, tried to take the girl from a toy aisle while her mother was in a different aisle, said Bremen police Chief Keith Pesnell. Security video from the store shows a man carrying the girl away and releasing her after she struggled to get away.

Police put out an alert with a description of Woods’ car, and he was caught by police about 10 miles west in Tallapoosa, Pesnell said.

Woods was out on parole after being convicted of voluntary manslaughter in DeKalb County, Pesnell said.

Finster’s garden bought by county

ATLANTA — A northwest Georgia county has bought the garden where folk artist Howard Finster held court for tourists and art lovers.

Chattooga County used private donations and grant money to buy the small plot for $125,000.

Finster, a bicycle repairman and preacher who turned to art to spread the word of God, is long considered the grandfather of the American folk art movement. He started building the garden in 1961 and filled it with quirky mosaics, sculptures and buildings.

It was featured in a 1983 R.E.M. video. Finster died in 2001, and the garden fell into disrepair.


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