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OBAMA’S DEFENSE cuts will kill Augusta. Fort Gordon will be hit hard – less jobs, less money to spend at businesses, less taxes. It’s coming.


COLUMBIA COUNTY Library needs books? Then stop selling them for a dollar at the Friends kiosk. The ex-library books are in great shape. I get a bargain; your shelves get emptied.


RANT TO THE management at Club Car: 37 people were laid off. Everyone had 20 or more years service there that were cut. Management says they wanted “the most bang for the buck.” They got it, just hope the ones left realize what happened.


AUGUSTA STATE AND GSHU combined should be called UGAA (Uni­ver­sity of Georgia at Au­gus­ta). That is what it is. Naming the school after someone who gives big money to GSHU would be a mistake. Liked ASU and MCG better, but if there must be a combine of the school and both are part of the University of Georgia System, then UGAA would be a better title for the school.


PLEASE, PRESIDENT OBAMA, if you want to tax the wealthy and have everyone pay their “fair share,” implement the Fair Tax now! Those that spend more, pay more (no tax on used goods). Illegals and tax dodgers will also pay into the system; foreigners, tourists as well.


I WANT TO SEND BIG RAVES to Annie and Dr. Oestor at Doctors’ ER! They seem to know what taking care of their patients means. Thanks to you.


AT THE WRANGLER Family Fun Fest, we were treated to several fun events. We were most impressed by the Rhythm and Class Clog­gers who had to perform with just their boom box when the sound guy apparently had to leave. They gave a great performance, and we really enjoyed their professionalism. Whoever was running the team did an outstanding job! Hats off to you!


RANT TO THE PRINCIPAL who told me she couldn’t honor a write-up on a student because other students sided with the student written up. It is a shame when principals don’t have the courage or moral fiber to defend their teachers nor stand up to the parents and the hoodlums they raise.


TO THE PERSON IN Sum­ter Landing whose dog barks all the time: It is a nuisance. Please shut him up.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:14

Rants and raves