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A BIG RAVE TO THE community in Richmond and Columbia Counties that showed honor to the funeral procession of my father this past week. A special thanks and love to the soldier on Jimmie Dyess Parkway for the salute. My eternal gratitude goes out to you and all U.S. soldiers. Thank you to the sheriff’s departments of both counties for you service. God bless you all. Colbert Family.


THE ABSURD, power-grabbing project of merging many colleges into fewer is right on schedule – with confusion. The University of Georgia system (notice they don’t say who that is) has named a committee to report to another committee that will report to another committee called the Regents.


GEORGIA OFFICIALS ‘‘will limit turtle harvest with permits.” Governments go nuts to protect turtles, while at the same time destroying the civilization of humans. Never trust a politician – unless you’re a turtle.


IF YOU DON’T HAVE a job how can you pay $185 to look at job openings? Another rant for employers wanting BA degrees on every entry-level job opening that pays minimum wage or close to minimum wage. Most of these jobs people could be trained on in a matter of days or at the most a couple of weeks. I am applying for a job I had before and was laid off a couple of years ago. Now they too want a BA degree. It’s insane.


IN A PERFECT WORLD it would not be possible to drive your personal vehicle onto a railroad trestle. And there would be no lawyers.


THE POWER OF THE very few always seems to win over the mass majority. Some examples are issues of the American flag, yard displays, prayers in public, holidays, dogs and now even the very few who dislike the comments posted on Rants & Raves. I wonder what the outcome will be on this one. Will the very few rule over the happy majority?


I JUST GOT A CALL from a man saying he was a police officer, and he said he wanted donations for the Police Dept. The paper said a couple of years ago that the Police Dept. did not solicit donations by telephone. I don’t know if this was a scam or not, but it made me very nervous.


I THINK THAT ANY protest that is comprised mainly of high school and college students should be largely ignored. They don’t have anything better to do, and they mostly just want to congregate for social reasons.



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