Rants & Raves

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THAT NICE OLD MAN barber shop. Why
doesn’t Augusta’s mayor take some of that hundred thousand he
wants to throw away and get that man his life back?

IS THE NEW OPERATOR OF The Patch going to walk around in a kilt all the time? I may have to learn how to play golf.

A RANT TO Candorville, The Chronicle’s Cal Berkeley liberal political comic strip. It should be moved to the editorial page; I’m sure they would run it.

CHRONICLE, please print, for us all to take, the Georgia Teacher Certification Exam. What an eye opener.

MAGIC CITY, YDC, Warren-Hancock fight – keep covering it up. It will only lead to more dead people.

ADP IS GOOD ENOUGH to create jobs here, but they aren’t good enough to do the city’s business? What a way to run off employers.

WHAT IS DEKE Copenhaver talking about with the $200,000 for the “collaboration center” and creating a “buzz around Augusta”? Sounds to me from reading the crime reports that Augusta has a pretty good buzz on without spending $200,000. Give the money to the sheriff’s office for Tasers, weapons and bulletproof vests.

NO KEYSTONE PIPELINE and thousands of associated jobs? Wait until Obama reacts to his EPA’s latest findings that U.S. power plants are
responsible for the
bulk of the pollution blamed for global warming. Two of the largest “greenhouse gas polluters” are in Georgia, so
be prepared to be
paying more or doing without.

I WORK AT one of the hospitals in Augusta, and I have never before seen patients and family members come in and expect the nurses to cater to them like they are at the Holiday Inn. They ask for everything, and when they ask for more than what they need, they get mad and call the supervisor on you.

We are understaffed and overworked, so the patients need to be a little more considerate of the staffers.

I WONDER WHAT we would be like if the English Pilgrims had never landed at Plymouth.



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