Rants & Raves



Comments from readers:


QUIT TALKING ABOUT a stadium. We don’t need that. What this city needs is to be cleaned up.


WHY DOES THE Better Business Bureau have a telephone that they never answer?


A BIG RAVE TO the painted PETA protesters. Animals are not ours to wear. I think they were doing a great job and braving some cold temperatures.


A FEW YEARS AGO while visiting in Alaska, they told me PETA meant People Eating Tasty Animals.


RAVES TO MS. LIZA EMORY of Campania, Ga. She is a wonderful senior citizen who always looks out for other people.


THERE IS A LINE FROM My Fair Lady; it says “Show me, show me.” Obama hasn’t shown me anything. The pipeline was approved. I’m sick and tired of it.


I WANT TO THANK God for our troops coming home, and I thank our great president for ending this nine-year war. I hope you continue to do a good job for this country. He deserves our honor.


TOTAL PRICE FOR airline tickets is a good idea. Now how about the same thing for motels? We don’t need sticker shock at the desk.


THE POLICE NEED a refresher course in driving. They don’t use turn signals, they don’t turn their lights on when raining, they go through stop lights, and they roll through stop signs. I know they are not all on secret calls.


WE NEED TO bring our aircraft carriers home. This is entirely unacceptable that we are trying to provoke another war.


REGARDING THE illegal left turn off of Walton Way at Woodlawn Methodist Church, people have been making illegal left turns there long before the day-care center was there. I used to get stuck there behind people trying to make illegal left turns there in the 1990s.


THE COLUMBIA COUNTY Commission has built new county buildings, a new school, a highway department, a health department an animal control. Will the godfathers of Columbia County please put a red light on Long Creek Falls, Baker Place Road and William Few Parkway? The neighbors are tired of having to sit and wait. Please put a red light at that intersection.


Mon, 08/21/2017 - 22:42

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