Rants & Raves



Comments from readers:

DON’T BLAME OBAMA for what a herd of rich congressmen refuses to do for us non-millionaires suffering in this economy. They obviously want to pay less than fair taxes in order to throw monies at ferocious ads and the Cayman Islands.


HOW WONDERFUL FOR the 75th anniversary of the Augusta Museum of History! I’ve loved it since childhood. I remember all the rocks, shells, “Mr. Buffalo,” the jars of babies, the various stuffed birds and the copper door of Major Archibald Butt. I shall look forward to seeing this new setup, as I have enjoyed all the displays and Brown Bag lunches I can get to visit.


RANT TO ALL the drivers who believe it’s OK to run red lights. The two locations where I see this a lot are Wheeler and Frontage and Augusta West Parkway and Wrightsboro Road. Let’s write some tickets.


THANK YOU TO the kind gentleman who stopped to help the senior couple with a runaway pickup truck Jan. 15. My husband had surgery at University Hospital to repair his broken leg and is doing fine. I’m sorry we did not get your name in the excitement.


RANT TO THE Hancock County Grand Jury. How on this earth can you not punish these football players for aggravated assault? This is precisely the reason this country is in such pathetic shape. Not punishing these kids will just lead to more of this. Do your duty.


I AM PROUD OF The Chronicle for putting Mel Blount’s picture and testimony on the front page.


TO THE PERSON that said if they could change one thing in history there would be no slavery and they wonder what their country would be like: It’s not your country alone. I wonder what this country would be like if it were not stolen from the Indians because they were here first.


THIS IS A RANT to families who are looking to adopt and have a fundraiser to mooch monies from other people so they can go OVERSEAS to adopt. Here’s a news flash for you good Samaritans: If you’re looking to give a kid a “forever family,” we have plenty of kiddies here in the good ol’ United States you can adopt without incurring the expense of an overseas adoption. Take care of your own backyard first instead of worrying about the rest of the world.