Rants & Raves

THE ABSURD IDEA OF teachers over-praising students started about the same time that teachers started being brainwashed in the, then new, college departments of education.


IT WAS REPORTED THAT it cost $2.9 million for the name change from MCG to GHSU. So can it be assumed that a similar amount will be needed for the name change of the combined ASU-GHSU? What a waste of money in these economic times.

I AM ONE OF 99 percent who has worked all my life for the 1 percent. I am thankful that they were there to hire me and provide me a good living from the age of 16 until I retired. Mind you I worked hard all my life and did not have time to occupy Wall Street or anywhere else.

HERE WE GO AGAIN with the ball stadium, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Get off it and spend the money fixing up stores in Downtown or Riverwalk. Why give money to Ripken? He will sell out just like Hank Aaron did with his car dealership. All those people want is our money; don’t give in to them!!!!!

HUGE RAVE TO South Augusta Family Y for the friendly greetings upon entering and exiting the facility. If only they had an indoor running track, I would use it more as they are much more friendlier than the Y in West Augusta and Evans.

WE HAVE BEEN lied to. Dr. King would not support the Democrat Party’s culture of death – euthanasia, abortion, entitlement living, and same-sex marriages. Listen to his sermons, read his writings: He encouraged hard work, protecting the children and building strong families.

THE PEOPLE OF Augusta have told the commissioners and the mayor several times we don’t want a downtown stadium. They are not listening.

RANT FOR Ricardo Azziz. He changed the name of a medical college. He wanted to cut off all roads going through the campus. He complained that Augusta was not “cool” because we did not have all the venues that people making over a half a million dollars a year expect. He went behind the scenes to get the merger of Augusta State under his control and now he wants the golf gardens property to build more buildings. All this at a time when the federal, state and local governments are broke. Azziz doesn’t care about the school. He cares about his power.


Thu, 07/27/2017 - 23:04

Rants and raves