Empty Stocking Fund donations top $100,000

In what has become a holiday tradition, final donations to The Augusta Chronicle’s Empty Stocking Fund for 2011 again topped $100,000.

Families, businesses and organizations contributed $104,481.46, which helped more than 1,000 families and many individuals during the holidays.

The annual holiday solicitation has raised more than $1 million over the past 10 years. That money has helped those less fortunate enjoy the “bit of Christmas cheer” first mentioned when the newspaper began the fund 81 years ago during the Great Depression.

Many of the recipients of donations were caregivers, parents or others suffering through a family tragedy, illness or job loss who asked for some help in making Christmas brighter for their children.



Previously acknowledged $100,721.46


Winifred and Harold Johnston $25

In memory of friend Adam Story
from Joann Mullan $25

In memory of Dad from Joann Mullan $25

In memory of Beverly Logan
from Joann Mullan $25

In memory of Mom and Dad
from Joann Mullan $20

In memory of Mary Ross from Joann Mullan $20

In loving memory of my mother,
Sarah Usry Elliott from Carlene Murphy $50

In loving memory of my brother,
Hughes Usry and my sisters,
Louise Usry Connell and
Mary Usry Johnson from Carlene Murphy $50

In loving memory of my wife
Jerone Robbins Thompson from
Lee Thompson and sons, Rod, Steve
and Jerry Thompson $50

In loving memory of my husband, Reuben D. Carver Sr., parents Harve and Maggie
Quarles, sister Inez and brother Kinzel $50

In memory of Raymond W. Holmes
from Thomas and Judy Murphy $100

In loving memory of our parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Baab and Mr. and
Mrs. Andrew Sudrabin from Bill Baab $50

In loving memory of Daisy McDonald
from the Leiden Family $1,000

Cynthia and Mark Shamley $20

This is my gift to my son and daughter-in-law
per their request from Susan Rouch $50

In memory of Gabriel Wilkie
by Winston and Linda $25

In memory of our grandfather, R.A.
(Bobby) Lewis from your grandchildren $50

In memory of William H. Wilcher
from Rodney and Gail Wilcher $100

In memory of Dan and Lillian Smoak $100

Charles and Denna Lee Borup $100

In memory of my husband, Frank, and
my son, Michael, from Dorothy Gearhart $25

In memory of our friend and colleague
William Weston IV from Blanchard
and Calhoun Insurance Agency $495

In memory of Kay Moon
from Dr. W. Harold Moon $50

In honor of my two grandsons,
Fripp McDougal and Crawford McDougal
from Gene Palfrey Ellis $100

In honor of our grandchildren,
Mack and Mattie from
Mr. and Mrs. W. Franklin Abbott III $200

In memory of Ethel McCall $25

Merry Christmas Ryan Casey Creech!
We love you and miss you very much!
Love Daddy, Tracy, Nanny, and Granny B $10

The Holloway Family $25

In honor of Preacher Marion Jay,
from The Salways $50

In memory of Stretch and Maryanne
from Christopher, Morgan and Katie $100

In memory of Tom Walsh $25

Rob and Mary Whitfield $100

In loving memory of
Kenneth and Elean Griffin $250

In honor of Aaron, Seth, Harris and
Hayden from Nana and Papa $100

In memory of Isie, Bertha and Max Simon $45

In memory of “Howard P. Jolles
and Henri L. Schlifka” $25

Craig and Margaret Ellis $50

In loving memory of Raymond E. Dufresne $20

William and Sandra Ferguson $25

“We Care” $20

Walter and Linda Jung $10

In loving memory of Granny Teenie Fancher $75


Total today $3,760.00

Total for 2011 $104,481.46



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