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I WANT TO RAVE to the ER of Eisenhower hospital and all of the doctors and nurses that treated me on Ward 9 W for three days with excellent care. Thank you very much.


I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT the only mention of Martin Luther King Jr. in Jan. 16 paper was a couple of goings on and visitation to the memorial in Atlanta. I expected the front page to have stories about him on it. You have to go the Page 2 of the Metro section to even see a mention of him. I planned on showing my children all about him in today’s paper since it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but I will have to show them on the Internet. I am very disappointed in The Chronicle for slighting MLK. He is a major part of our history.


PEOPLE SHOULDN’T be so hard on Obama; after all, this is his first job.


RAVE TO ALL the men with their pants down to their knees trying to walk. You have given me some of the best laughs I have ever had in my entire life.


BEST COMMENT I heard concerning the State of Union Address was that Obama would make a great salesman for the Sham Wow products.


A HUGE RANT GOES out to the loud and vulgar music (noise) and the thumping bass on the streets of Augusta.


I WISH I HAD voted no on consolidation of Richmond County and Augusta. Everything must be in Augusta, not Richmond County.


THANK YOU, CHRONICLE, for having the courage to print the rant about people using the comment section of rant/raves as their personnel chat room.


IF PRESIDENT OBAMA’S blueprint for America is anything like President Obama’s blueprint to close Gitmo, or President Obama’s blueprint to stimulate the economy with $800 billion dollars, he can keep his blueprint and kindly leave the White House next January!


I THINK THAT IT IS a shame that the middle school sports are not recognized. The Glenn Hills girls basketball team has gone undefeated all season with no recognition. We have got to do better at encouraging the children!!!


THE SOCIOECONOMIC DIVIDE in Augusta is beyond troubling. I believe that is the reason Augusta has not flourished to its full potential. Augusta could be SO much better.


RANTS AND RATS TO the commissioners and Fred Russell for not giving library employees a raise.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:14

Rants and raves