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Comments from readers:


WERE THEY waiting for the Easter Bunny to take the Christmas decorations down on Broad Street?


I HAVE BEEN A subscriber for over 30 years and I would like to have the astrology put back in the newspaper.


RANTS TO THE PERSON who said that the bus service is better. Yes, they do stay longer at the station so you are not stranded, which is very good, but during normal hours it is still one hour, 20 minutes between buses except the Kmart bus and the West Parkway bus, which runs every 40 minutes.

Late in the afternoon you have to get the 3:10 Augusta Mall bus going back to the station in order to make the Walton Way connection, which is the last of the day.

So, don’t tell me that the Augusta Transit System is better.


IF I COULD CHANGE ONE thing in history, we would not have had slavery. I wonder what our country would be like today if we had not brought slaves here?


TO THE RANTER who complained about people making illegal left turns off Walton Way to get to Woodlawn day care, I agree. They should put cops out there every day. Maybe if they have to pay for tickets, they will stop breaking the law.


I THINK WE SHOULD ALL pray (and vote) that God will give us a Christian president. We don’t know what is in these men’s hearts, but God does. He can make a way for the right Christian man to become our president.


THIS IS A RANT TO the person who stole our brand-new trailer out of our garage on Milledge Road. The Bible says, Thou shalt not steal. You will pay one day.


THE LONGER OBAMA stays in office, the more I like Jimmy Carter.


HOW IMPORTANT IS the name? Recently, MCG spent millions to change its name. Now it will need a few million more to change the change. This thing is already proving to be the mess that it will eventually turn into.


IN THE SPIRIT OF all-inclusiveness perhaps the name of the newly merged colleges should be abbreviated ACASUMCG­GHSUOMGLMAO Conglomerate.


MCG NEEDS TO update its phone books. You can’t get hold of anybody.


MCG NEEDS TO expand and it is landlocked. Everyone knows Augusta College has tons of undeveloped property; hence, the marriage.



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Two arrested in Burke County drug bust