Rants & Raves



Comments from readers:


IT SICKENS ME about Fort Discovery. All of these golfers, made famous by the Masters, could have put in some of their money to save it. Augusta is dead, dead, dead.


AFTER THE DUST settles on the ASU-GHSU merger, very slowly and quietly, parts and pieces of the medical school will be moved to Athens. No one will notice because there will still be one university in town.


FOR THE PERSON that thinks you should construct a fence so the pretty side faces the neighbors: If I’m paying for the fence, guess who is going to see the pretty side?


DEFINITION OF A TRUE HERO: A 9-year-old young man with faith in GOD, who showed strength, courage, bravery and was/will always be an inspiration to others. In addition this young man loved the outdoors, was intelligent and regarded as an “official” fireman. His shining star will forever shine and be a light in the lives of others. The TRUE HERO is PATRICK CHANCE.


RAVE TO Beverly Birdsong for rescuing the puppies who were left homeless and motherless. Thank you for being their “Mommy” and an “Angel of Mercy.” GOD BLESS their Mama Marley.


GOT A GREAT idea and name suggestion for ASU/GHSU = ASU should remain Augusta State University. GHSU should return to the Medical College of Georgia. Enough Said!


ANNOYING COMMERCIALS? How about tire store radio ads?


WONDER HOW MANY times the Augusta Mayor when he was young watched the movie Field of Dreams?


BAD IDEA TO merge ASU/GHSU, especially with Dr. Azziz at the helm. Dr. William Bloodworth has done a wonderful job as President of ASU and overseeing tremendous growth. MCG was certainly a better quality medical center before it became known as GHSU.


IN REGARD TO the rant about the optical company, they need to get a little lizard.


I LIVE IN A HOUSING project. I don’t feel safe. I call the police and they will come out, but one officer says “I used to live next to these people; they don’t bother anybody.” Of course they won’t bother you, you’re a policeman. I just wish I could get some help from somebody.