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THE GOVERNOR OF Geor­gia says more money should be spent on schools. Most of the property taxes already go there. Parents who have children need to spend more time on discipline and teaching proper behavior. The majority of the parents aren’t at home all day. This costs them more to work than it does to stay at home. More money in the schools is not needed.


IF I WAS ONE OF over 10 million unemployed receiving $300 a week and food stamps free, I would donate without hesitation to help Obama make our country socialist.


RECENTLY MY HUSBAND and I shopped at Kroger on Washington Road. It was raining and cold; my husband is a stroke victim and was trying to help me with the groceries when an employee, Jimmy Mack, came to our rescue, helping my husband into the car and putting away the groceries. Then another lady was distressed because her car alarm went off, and he was off to help her, too. He was probably soaked by then, but he kept smiling. If we had more people like him, it sure would be a better world. Thank you.


WHY DON’T WE go ahead and name the new school “The Great AZZIZ University” and save several signage changes?


MIGHT I RECOMMEND that GHSU and ASU both keep their unique names, logos, etc., with the addendum for each: “A Division of the Medical and Liberal Arts College System of Augusta.” How many millions of dollars might that approach to a name “change” save?


WHY DOESN’T THE city bus go out to Fort Gordon and to the airport? I would also like the city bus to run on Sundays and run on Tobacco Road and Windsor Spring Road and other streets in south Augusta. We who live in south Augusta really need and welcome the service.


IF COLUMBIA COUNTY would quit building schools for the people from Richmond County that want to move to Columbia County to escape from Augusta, then they might have some money left for other school kids and the rest of people in Columbia County, especially the old people. We get nothing.


WE NEED NO SCHOOL consolidation. Remem­ber the good old days. If your son wanted to learn agriculture, you sent him to Clemson. If he wanted to be a doctor, you sent him to MCG. If he wanted to play football, you sent him to Alabama.



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:23

Rants and raves