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I WOULD LIKE TO see a story on the procedures they used to approve the GHSU-ASU merger. I have never seen any government decision rushed through so quickly. It makes me very nervous. Now we will have to assess the potential impact after the decision has been made. If they find out the mergers will ultimately hurt us, will they stop them? How much would that cost?

HAS THIS ADMINISTRATION and Congress set us in motion for a repeat of history? We blindly send millions of dollars in foreign aid to any country that expounds to follow our democratic ideals even though in actuality they do just the opposite. At the same time this administration has proposed further cuts in an effort to decimate our military. This appears to be the same type of action that was performed after World War I. Who will make the next sneak attack?

HOLD A MONTHLY lottery to raise money the Augusta coffers. Auction off livable abandoned houses. The “winner” has to fix up the property and live in it. After a year, if not done, the house is forfeited and gets lotteried off again. Lots of people can afford “rent” but not the enormous down payment on a mortgage. Why don’t they try it?

WHAT IS THE problem with moving the graduation ceremonies? Do they have to be that weekend? People are acting like it’s chiseled in stone or something.

HOW VERY NICE TO know there are still honest people in the world. I lost my blank grocery check in Kroger while shopping. I used a reserve check I carry, but I went home very worried that someone might use my check if found. How very nice is was to receive a call from a Miss Monique that she and her son found my check and tore it up and trashed it. It certainly renewed my faith in people. Thank you again dear lady.

ALABAMA WILL always be known now as the National Champions. They got a “do over.”

RICHMOND COUNTY drug enforcement. We need you out here in the Rosier Road and Windsor Spring Road area – especially at those apartments and the convenience stores. Those places are full of drugs. You need to concentrate on them.

THE WAFFLE HOUSE has a new menu and everything is more expensive. If you can afford to eat there, you have no business being on welfare.



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