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THANK YOU TO the person who found and turned in my lost wallet and cellphone to the post office, and to Ms. Harris at the post office for contacting me. I still can’t believe it! God bless you!


THE BCS SYSTEM is what it is. Oklahoma State lost to lowly ranked 31-point underdog Iowa State. Dogs embarrassed second half to LSU. We know the rest of the story. Get over it. Roll Tide


RANT FOR THE people complaining about Magnolia Trace. It’s ridiculous. It sounds like it is going to be a pretty nice area with very expensive homes. Those of us in Richmond County have much less desirable developments everywhere you look. Don’t be so snobbish.


NORTH KOREA’S “Great Leader” has nothing on America. In President Barack Obama we have a “Great Complainer,” a “Great Blamer,” a “Great Campaigner,” a “Great Teleprompter Reader” and unfortunately, a “Great Deceiver.”


RANT FOR THE people with no life who use the rant/rave section as their personal chat room. Express an opinion, either pro or con, but stop leaving messages, attaching YouTube videos and telling stupid jokes.


COMBINING GHSU and ASU, what will the NAME be? Another $3 million down the drain.


WHY DO TV COMMERCIALS GET so loud during the news? Do they assume everyone is deaf? Do they honestly believe I will buy their products because of the excessive loudness of the commercial?


I NOTICED THAT the combined GHSU-ASU university still does not have a name? Well you won’t have long to wait to see the university named “The Azziz National University.” You just wait!


RANTS TO THE Columbia County Commission about the Magnolia Trace development. When politicians cease to do what is best for their constituents, they need to go. These commissioners did this behind closed doors without an open vote. It is appalling.


IF THE IRS ALLOWS about 50 cents per mile, no one working for the city needs a $7,000 car allowance unless they are driving to Las Vegas.


I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW if it takes an act of God to get a cable channel lineup. I talked to six people who said they would send me one in the mail right away, but it has been four months.



Mon, 01/22/2018 - 18:23

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