Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


THANKS TO THE CONGRESSMAN who can’t even spell “Brown,” next November I will be casting my first non-Republican vote in 93 years.

illogic: not providing officers with Tasers. Why are higher-ups willing to flap their jaws with praise of a deceased officer but so unwilling to provide the most minimal of equipment to preserve their lives?

HELLO? IF THERE are going to be parade closings of roads on bus routes, can someone from the city please get word to Mobility/Augusta Public Transit so they can plan the alternate routes for the sake of drivers and bus riders?

TO THE READER commenting on transit of students hopefully to downtown: Many students already have that option. ASU, Paine and Augusta Tech students already pay a transportation fee that covers them riding the public transit buses wherever they want. MCG has their own private shuttle among the various areas of their campus.

SOME PEOPLE TREAT waiting rooms and restaurants like it’s their own private living room –
staying all day long and leaving a mess for someone to clean up. Please don’t even throw a TV into the mix!

ONE MAN GETS 10 years in prison for “enticing a minor,” but Scott Richardson’s suspected killer was known to be violent and was out on the street.

WHY WILL THE CHRONICLE not print my comments on the weather? The government, primarily the military, is messing with the weather. Floods and droughts, maximum snowfall, no hurricanes in the U.S. since Katrina (which was an experiment gone wrong,) cloud seeding, machines controlling the jet stream. Some are calling it global warming, but that won’t fit. Ask them about that place in Alaska, shuttered from the world with a high fence and guards with big guns. Can someone please find out? Other than Jesse Ventura.

DOES IT REALLY take this long to investigate the Warren/Hancock football fiasco? How is the coach? I hope he is well and is able to still do his job and not be disabled. He had a horrible injury. Could you please do a story about him when the investigation is over?

IF THE CHRONICLE is going to continue to increase the cost of the paper, you need to add some other sections to the newspaper.



Mon, 12/11/2017 - 22:42

Burke County seeks burglary suspect