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ON PAPER, THE ASU/GHSU consolidation will improve efficiency and save money. In reality, it will create another bureaucratic, bloated and wasteful entity.


RICK MCKEE’S CARTOON on Jan. 8 made me blow cereal through my nose! That’s the best he’s ever done. Hat’s off to you, good man!


TO THE RANTER suggesting a connection between Republicans in Congress and General Electric not paying any taxes: GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt is a very close friend of President Obama.


OUR TRANSPARENT (sic) president needs to release his college papers and enrollment documents that have been sealed from us, probably because we are too stupid to comprehend his thoughts. But the reality is that he is still claiming not to have a socialist ideology and those papers would show how deep his beliefs go.


THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are rejecting the Tea Party and Republican agenda in Congress that puts tax breaks for the wealthiest people in our country ahead of creating jobs.


A GIRL I KNOW IN the National Guard received $10,000 a month to be in Iraq. She got back in August after being there for almost a year. The money is gone, and she is crying about how the government isn’t taking care of her needs.


IS THERE A PROFES­SIONAL sports team in Atlanta that can win a World Series or a Super Bowl? How about an NBA championship? So disappointing every year.


AMERICAN IDOL’S Steven Tyler – someone make it stop.


IT’S 2012. WHY DO people still think it’s their business whether a woman has a say-so about her body? Abortion is a private choice.


THERE WERE $86.2 million in fraudulent unemployment payments in SC last year – $86.2 million! Does anyone over there know what they are doing?


ALL THE WEAPONS coming back from Iraq should be given to the sheriff’s department – tanks, too.


SPENDING MILLIONS does not make sense when merging MCG and ASU. You’re laying people off!


BIG RAVE for Jackie at the Columbia County tag office. She made the purchase of my new tag a pleasant experience.



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