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THEY CLAIM THE aim to merge ASU and MCG is to save money, but since when have politicians ever saved money, and what’s Augusta State got to do with improving health? Is this government concentrating more power in one person? Ricardo Azziz? He’s wasting no time.

I WOULD LIKE TO rant about the people who are ignoring school speed zones and who are also ignoring the school buses that are stopped with their lights flashing on Belair Road in the mornings. Slow down and pay attention before you hurt someone’s child. By the way, if you left home a few minutes early you would not have the need to speed or ignore school buses to get to work on time.

IT’S A TERRIBLE thing to combine ASU with GHSU. You know jobs will be lost. My only hope is that instead of eliminating positions, as MCG was known for, that early retirement packages will be offered. There will be enough of us willing to take such packages than suffer through a supposed change to be completed by fall 2013.

AZZIZ WAS HIRED by the Board of Regents to kill MCG in Augusta and pave the way for the eventual move to Athens. We are a majority black, Democratic city in the largely white, Republican state. I think you all know how this turns out.

I FEEL THAT if you have a pet or pets, then they should be inside and protected from the elements and other harmful conditions. If you do have outside pets, please take care of them and especially when the weather is cold, hot or rainy. Think of how you would feel to be left outside.

LOWELL GREENBAUM portrays President Obama as the “ultimate hero” for pulling troops out of Iraq and for fulfilling a promise made in 2008. Keeping a promise is very good, and I commend someone for that. But to me a hero represents someone who shows bravery, courage, character, willingness, consideration, trust, protection and goes beyond the call of duty to help and rescue and many times put their lives on the line for others. Unfortunately, many heroes have lost their lives and the names of Deputy J.D. Paugh, Scotty Richardson and many others come to mind.


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

Rants and raves