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IT SEEMS TO ME the only people who are in favor of the Augusta college merger are politicians. Everything is just hunky-dory. Azziz has already screwed up one school. Why give him the chance to mess up two?


WHY ARE THEY cutting the poor people instead of the rich people? You can’t live off $47 a month in food stamps.


RE: THE FRONT-PAGE photo on Jan. 4 of the prisoner sitting in the wheelchair in the courthouse. The officers behind him had jackets on, but he didn’t have a coat or socks. I think that when a prisoner is taken from a warm jail cell to the courthouse, he should have socks and a jacket.


I WOULD LIKE TO thank the police, fire department and soldiers for everything they do – those who have given their lives and those who are still protecting us.


A GRATEFUL RAVE to the gentleman in a dark-blue truck the Saturday before Christmas. He stopped and helped push my car off the main road to the gas station on Peach Orchard when we ran out of gas (mind you, I’m seven-and-a-half months pregnant and had two children with me). We reluctantly asked for few dollars just to make it there, and this angel gave us $60 and told us he was just riding around that day looking for someone who was in need that he could help. I thank the Lord for sending us an angel when we needed it most.


THIS IS A RANT for the lottery. I don’t play Powerball so it makes no difference what it costs to play, but I do play Mega Millions, so if their price goes up I quit.


IN REGARD TO THE the rant about the optical TV commercial, it is the most ridiculous commercial I have ever seen.


I AM JUST A simple Army Ranger from Aiken. My heart sank when I saw the obituary for Sgt. Joseph A. Bowen. Welcome home, brother. To the Bowen family from Delta Company, 1st of the 75th. It is because of people like you. We stand tall.


RANTS TO THE person who came into my yard and stole two gazing balls that I paid $25 apiece for. I live on Ruby Drive, so you know who you are. I hope you get enough enjoyment out of them every time you look at them, think of me. It is not for me to judge you, but God surely will.


PRESIDENT OBAMA received the two-month tax extension on his Christmas wish list. Wonder what he hopes Cupid will bring him for Valentine’s Day?



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

Rants and raves