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IF SOMEBODY MAKES it to death row, he doesn’t need a lawyer since at that point, he’s just playing games. Then, a lawyer is just playing confusing games with the system and is not seeking justice.


A RANTER SAYS Christians “force” Christianity on some Pakistanis. Despite occasional efforts (using Christianity for political reasons) in history, true Christianity is always voluntary, never forced.

GE, THE BIGGEST U.S. corporation, made $14.2 billion in profits and paid zero in taxes and cut 20 percent of its American jobs. So, why do Republicans in Congress refuse to make millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share of taxes?

A BIG RAVE to Mr. Johnson for defending himself, his business and customers against armed robbers.

THIS IS A RANT to all the businesses, hospitals and any other company that does not accept hard-copy job applications. I agree to the previous rant about this. Not everybody in the U.S. has a computer and sometimes they “crash.” Paper doesn’t, it will last and last until it is thrown away.

THIS IS A RANT against the personal attack ads against Newt Gingrich. So what if Newt’s a pompous, self-centered, lying, deceiving adulterer who abandoned his wife and kids shortly after he arrived in Washington? That’s his personal business and no concern of ours. So what if his net worth was $15,000 the year he entered Congress and over $30 million the day he left 20 years later? Again, that is his personal business. What does the fact that he led the move to impeach Clinton for committing adultery during the same period he was committing adultery himself have to do with his presidential candidacy? We need Newt to take our country back.

TO THE FALLEN safety officers, in my hometown two officers and the people in neighborhoods got together and set up blue lights for their officers. Maybe the people in Augusta and Aiken could do that next year at Christmastime. What a great thing to do for them and their families. Happy New Year!

RAVE, RAVE AND RAVE for “Momma Doc.” What a wonderful lady. Those children have been so blessed to have such a mentor. May we all learn from her unselfish dedication in giving them a better life and reach out to someone in need this coming year.

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