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WHAT HAPPENED WITH Solyndra and Fast and Furious?


PRESIDENT OBAMA was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his “efforts to enhance international diplomacy” and his vision (and efforts) to achieve a nuclear-free world. If you disregard Obama’s increased drone attacks that have killed both terrorists and innocent civilians in six or seven countries, “leading from behind” in overthrowing Qaddafi while ignoring Syria’s revolution, and also ignoring Iran and North Korea’s growing nuclear programs that threaten the entire world, President Obama has done a remarkable job at earning the prize and proving the Nobel Committee made a wise selection.


I PREDICT 2012 will bring more of the same incompetent and arrogant leadership in both Democratic and Republican political parties, and an absurdly apathetically uninformed voter will facilitate more of the same.


UNITED WAY DATABASE features 1,000 (local) agencies “offering resources.” How can 1,000 legitimate even exist? Something about all this “help” just sounds suspicious.


ISN’T CLONING DIFFER­ENT from plastic surgery? I know they are 30 years apart, but Dolly Parton and Joan Rivers are starting to look identical. One more face lift and they will be each others granddaughters.


I’M NOT YET a senior citizen, but I can remember the time not too long ago when having a baby outside of marriage was not something to be proud of. Now, it is front-page news in the local paper and is something to be celebrated.


SO SOMEONE CALLS THE area by the municipal building high crime? I find that funny that once the courts move off several blocks away, the former court building is now labeled a high crime place.


THERE IS $150 MILLION of SPLOST money in the bank. This is proof the money needn’t ever have been taxed out of our pocketbooks. It’s earning interest for politicians rather than for those who earned it.


GEORGIA IS GETTING $5 million ($296 million to 23 states) from the feds for “making it easier for children to enroll in PeachCare for Kids.” In other words, Washington is taking our money and then giving some back to state governments as bribes when they follow the unconstitutional, communist line.


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

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