Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


REGARDING DR. AZZIZ’S editorial, he says most people didn’t recognize the name MCG. Now that it’s changed, no one is going to recognize it, not even those few who knew it before. Now who’s hiding the giant?

WHY IS IT THAT GEORGIA has a curfew and you can sit and watch children being left at the skating rinks until midnight? Who is supposed to be watching them? I have seen children under 14 being left by themselves. Rich­mond County should ticket all parents when they pick them up at midnight if the child is under 17. You might even get a couple of DUIs when handing out the tickets. No child needs to be out ‘til midnight.

JUST AS WE WARNED when they were forcing that Woodlawn Church day care into our nice, quiet neighborhood, traffic is a nightmare. They speed down Milledge Road every day, running stop signs and creating a dangerous situation. At the very least, the police should stop them from making the illegal left turn off Walton Way, which they do constantly every morning and afternoon. Thanks a lot, Woodlawn, we’re glad you’re making so much money at our expense.

I WILL VOTE NO on all tax increases, especially the TSPLOST. One of the few things government should be doing is maintaining the roads. Instead they spend our tax dollars on everything else and poor mouth when we need road improvements. Don’t even get me started on the Berckmans Road “realignment.”

ABOUT THE LOCAL man who put the child in the trunk: This person is a Chris­tian man, a good man who made a mistake in judgment. He’s being crucified and no one knows his full story. I’m so tired of people persecuting others.

A PRESIDENT IS ELECTED to represent the people. Three years into his term as president, I don’t know who President Obama is representing. His rhetoric, his campaign promises and his record all reflect confusion as well as promote frustration. It’s time to hope for some change in representation.

AN AP HOCKEY STORY never once used the word “hockey.” What’s going on?

IF GOVERNMENT WOULD get out of the medical business, the business aspect would eventually reconcile the system and things would balance out. As with all business, it can’t run reasonably with politicians constantly, forcibly interfering.