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A BIG RAVE for Dr. Azizz’s article about our giant medical establishment. Since my first experience in 1943 for an appendectomy I have had several in-patient experiences along with 30 years close to the medical field. So my last wish is to donate my body to the medical school knowing it will help some future doctor in their training to be the best. However at 84 I’m not ready yet.

THE U.S. GIVES $1.3 billion in “aid” to Egypt and apparently will continue to, even though every possible winner in the latest insurrection will end up being controlled by maniacs who are staunchly anti-American and anti-Israel.

I HOPE WHOEVER keyed my new orange Avalanche has a happy New Year.

IT WAS NICE THAT you had coverage of the all-area cross-country stars in your sports section but why was there a difference in the coverage between the male and female stars? The male was on the front page and the female was on Page 5.

I WAS WONDERING where the Obama slogan “Yes We Can” went when I discovered Iran is now using it as they thumb up their noses at the world and proclaim “Yes We Can” to nuclear programs, disrupting traffic through the Strait of Hormuz, etc.

WHERE ARE ALL the civic leaders and ministers protesting against the killing of two of our best law enforcement officers? If it was the other outcome, they would be all over the place. Makes you wonder!

YOUR PAPER REPORTED hundreds of Sunni Muslims gathered in Baghdad on Friday to celebrate the withdrawal of U.S. forces. What gratitude! Was it worth it having our troops killed and many thousands injured for the Iraqi cause?

DR. AZZIZ just loves to get visibility. In your newspaper on Saturday you had news coverage about his surgery and he also was a guest columnist with a topic on how great GHSU is. Enough is enough!

THE KWANZAA article contains some sadly socialist buzz words, e.g., “collective responsibility” and “cooperative economics.” It also mentions “faith,” but omits what it has “faith” in.

HAS ANYONE noticed that since “diversity” became a popular leftist/politically correct buzzword, the most dangerous places in the U.S. are the most diverse? Happy New Year!



Tue, 01/23/2018 - 23:44

Rants and raves