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THIS IS A RANT to our local advertising executives. Who ever came up with that eyeglass commercial with the yelling of the martial arts sounds? I can’t see where it is even related. Can you come up with a better commercial?


ON CHRISTMAS EVE at the Waffle House in Evans, two young ladies came in and delivered some Christmas spirit. They came from New Hope Life Worship Center. They gave everybody a purse full of goodies. We really appreciated them. That is what Christmas is all about: love, appreciation and giving.


I LOVE TO begin my day watching the news on Channel 6. I end my day watching the evening news on Channel 6. I’m very happy that the lady has a knee replacement, but I think it is a little bit overboard to watch the same lady express her happiness over her knee replacement 19 times in three days.


A RAVE TO Walmart and Murphy Oil for giving us a 10-cent discount for several months by using a Walmart gift card. A class act.


I HAVE A KITTEN that has been stuck up a tree for many days, and it was too high for the fire department. But they did come out, and I would like to thank them. I called a couple of tree companies who wanted
a lot of money to do it, but then I found Stallion … Bobby Stallion is a great humanitarian who offered to get her down for free. There are still good people in this world.


FOR THE PAST two years, the Senate had failed to pass a federal budget requiring continuing resolutions to finance daily operations. Now it appears that this same tactic is being applied to extending the payroll tax reduction. Senators left on Christmas break without resolving differences between their version and the House’s version. How much more damage to this great nation will be done while Congress twiddles its thumbs?


LOTS OF PEOPLE don’t have computers. Don’t we count? Stop ignoring us.


THIS IS A RANT FOR our illustrious, socialist, communist president who sometimes occupies the White House. He did not take time off from his Hawaiian vacation to attend the funeral of our fellow comrade in arms Kim Jong Il II. What a shame.




Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

Rants and raves