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4th quake recorded along S.C. coast


A fourth small earthquake in the past month has been recorded on the South Carolina coast.

The U.S. Geological Survey says a quake of magnitude 2.6 was recorded about 3 a.m. Wednesday about three miles south of Summerville.

The quake was in the same area as a fault that caused the 1886 Charleston earthquake that killed more than 100 people. That quake had a magnitude of 7.3.

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AFTER YEARS SPENT focusing on the war in Iraq, the Georgia-based 3rd Infantry Division is deploying 1,500 Army soldiers in their units’ first deployments to Afghanistan beginning next month, Fort Stewart officials said Wednesday.

SOUTH CAROLINA authorities say they are going after 180 people who fraudulently received at least $10,000 each in unearned jobless benefits. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the state improperly doled out $86.2 million in unemployment insurance last fiscal year, representing nearly 18 percent of all claims paid, according to a federal audit of 520 sampled cases.

A FORMER college student is charged with lying about where her missing 18-month-old son has been for more than a month, police said Wednesday. Authorities said they were searching for Amir Jennings after his 22-year-old mother, Zinah Jennings, told them several inconsistent and false stories.

AT LEAST 32 DOGS were killed when fire destroyed a kennel and a home in the small community of Coosa, Ga., authorities said.

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