Vintage pump found in Augusta Canal moved for safekeeping

A vintage iron pump housing discovered last year at the bottom of Augusta Canal has been moved to Sibley Mill.

A vintage iron pump housing discovered last year in the Augusta Canal has been moved to Sibley Mill for safe storage until its disposition can be determined.


“It is now on the Sibley Mill grounds, behind the chain-link fence,” said Re­bec­ca Rogers, the marketing director for the Augusta Canal Authority.

The multiton artifact likely was manufactured long ago by Georgia Iron Works, whose foundry was on the canal before the company moved to Grovetown. Canal authority officials pulled the item from the can­al last winter and left it on a curb at nearby John S. David­son Fine Arts Magnet School, where it caught the attention of Georgia Iron Works officials, who asked the school board to donate it for a historical display.

School officials said it belonged to the authority and asked that it be moved within 30 days. Rogers said the pump housing was moved using a boom truck borrowed from the city of Augusta.

“Bob Woodhurst, outgoing Augusta Canal Authority chair, is going to contact GIW concerning their interest in the object,” Rogers said.

In the meantime, it can be safely stored at Sibley Mill – a property owned by the canal authority, she said.


Wed, 08/23/2017 - 23:30

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