Rants & Raves



Comments from readers:

PROHIBITING CELL PHONE use for drivers under 18 is about the stupidest law there is anywhere. Is it any safer for a 19-year-old or a 50-year-old? No. It’s the mind that’s engaged and it’s called multi-tasking. Keep your mind on staying alive!


DEAR CSRA NEWS MEDIA outlets, please quit publishing/announcing the monthly average price of gasoline in the area. Every time y’all do, gas goes up between 10 and 15 cents per gallon. Please quit.


STILL HAVE A JOB? Keep buying Chinese products and voting for Democrats and that will change.


A RAVE TO THE young lady who purchased groceries for me at the North Augusta Bi-Lo Saturday evening. This is a perfect example of what this season is all about.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Welcome back Parade. We’ve waited long enough. Thanks, Chronicle.


OUR GOVERNMENT works best on a two-party system: one party negative and one party positive. Put them together and they produce the sparks that run the country.


A RAVE AND RANT for Wesley United Methodist Church. You have a great program helping others, but to pay $115 on a handbag?


A RANT AGAINST the tea party. I am a Republican, but because of the tea party’s extreme unwillingness to compromise even with their own Re­pub­licans, nothing can get done in the country, in the House or the Sen­ate. Because of the tea party, the whole political process is being held up.


I WOULD LIKE to thank the Augusta Fire Department for the fruit baskets that they give the widow ladies every year. It is very thoughtful of them.


FIREMEN GOT RAISES. Why haven’t the police officers gotten a raise?


A STUDY JUST released said the average family spent $1,300 more on gas the past year than in 2007, which is the same amount a family will save with Obama’s proposal. Democrats like high gas prices!


I WOULD LIKE to see more information on festivals, concerts, art displays, plays and such in cities nearby such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Co­lumbia, Savannah, Charleston, etc. There is so much going, newspaper’s No. 1 priority is to keep readers informed; I say keep us informed in all areas.