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THANK YOU VERY MUCH for Rants & Raves. You have published several of my rants this year. Thank you for having it.


WHAT ON EARTH is the matter with people to so violently try to get hold of things in stores? Where did common decency and sanity go? Is the culture of the Internet or YouTube to blame for all this mayhem that takes place by thieves and unreasonable people in stores?


IT WOULD BE NICE if Grovetown were known as something better than Sunday liquor, USA.


WE WANT TO GIVE a big rave for Doctors Hospital. My husband had back surgery Dec. 5 and we were there until the 10th. He was on the second floor Room 268, and we had such good nurses. But his favorite of all was Shannon. He said she just knew what to do.


THE SOUTH CAROLINA voter ID law was blocked because it hurts minorities. The “research” shows that 5 million people would have been affected. I guess the good news is that 5 million people in the state do not consume alcohol because they would require an ID to make the purchase.


RAVES TO ALL the people helping pay off layaways. Rants to the person who paid $115 for that pocketbook. That was a shame.


RANTS TO STATE and federal judges. If the communist protesters occupying the state capitol of South Carolina had been tea party members would the judge have allowed them to stay?


THE PHOTO WITH the caption “Bo goes shopping” must have been inspiring to many. I am so glad that Bo got a new bone and a bag of treats for Christmas. What about all of those peo­­ple out there who are not getting even a decent meal for Christmas? Let’s keep the focus on them and not a dog.


NAIVE COMMENTS ON the Augusta Public Transit. The only freebies seem to be the ones from the homeless shelters who are issued the green passes to ride around. I assume it’s used for job hunting but they are sure not hunting jobs from what I’ve seen much of the time.


A RECENT POLL in New York state suggested 68 percent of those polled favored televising the Supreme Court hearings on the Obama health care bill. Sounds too transparent to me.


RAVES TO ALL those brave Internal Affairs officers. If officers are doing what they are supposed to do, they have nothing to worry about.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:14

Rants and raves