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THIS IS A RAVE on behalf of my mother. The Augusta Fire Department came by to deliver her a fruit basket for Christmas. She was so excited and thankful they took the time to remember her for Christmas. You made her day!! Thank you and Merry Christmas to the Augusta Fire Department!!


SAD ABOUT Iraqis killing each other, but very glad that no more U.S. soldiers are being killed over there. Three cheers for President Obama getting us out of Iraq. We should have never put boots on the ground there. A few well placed smart bombs would have sufficed. God bless all the soldiers who suffered and died there along with their families. Your sacrifice was not in vain for you are all heroes to me and to America.


PARENTS OF SCHOOL AGE and day-care children: Now that it’s the Christmas season please keep in mind that you leave your children in our care for 60 hours per week. These children see our faces more than Mom and Dad. Show your appreciation. Though baked goods are nice a $5 gift cars to Subway or Dollar Tree would not break the bank.


SYRIAN CIVILIANS were massacred by Syrian soldiers. Could American soldiers slaughter Americans who’d been herded into a valley? Would American soldiers or cops follow such illegal orders from a dictatorial leader? Watch out, America!


SO YOU WONDER why some of us refused to take an Angel from a Salvation Army tree? I visited Augusta after Thanksgiving and was horrified to see those tags on the tree asking for XBox games and video games and other costly “needed” items for the kids. No way. I would not even give those to my kids! The way things were listed, I thought you had to pick a child and give them everything they listed and I couldn’t afford all that so I just refused to treat them. I can give to the Golden Harvest Food Bank and at least know they are stretching my dollars to feed more people.


I WANTED TO THANK Tracy Williams for the beautiful Christmas tribute to his wife and the special meaning Christmas had in their marriage. What a wonderful gift for all of us who read it. And, what a wonderful gift she was to you.


WAS IT BARACK OBAMA or Thomas Paine who said “Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatigue of supporting it?”

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Rants and raves