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RANT TO OBAMA for continuing to blame the Republicans for what his Democrats have failed to do. For the first two years of Obama’s reign, his House, Senate and of course, the Executive Office were all dominated by Dems. Yet they failed to pass a budget, they did not accomplish anything other than create chaos with the health care bill, create regulations that stifled the growth of jobs, throw taxpayer money at “green” industries that are going bankrupt and pass a useless waste of taxpayers’ money called the stimulus bill.


THANK YOU SO MUCH TO the kind lady at Krogers on Columbia Road on Wednesday for giving me a 10 percent off of my whole order, which was a substantial amount. May God bless you and I will pass on the kindness to another senior citizen. You are tops in my book.


POLITICIANS FORCED banks to make loans to unqualified borrowers. Then when the unqualified didn’t pay what they owed, the politicians punished the lenders. What a scam!


THE AUGUSTA PUBLIC TRANSIT System service has not changed a bit since the new company took over the operations. Administrator Fred Russell, the Augusta Bus Riders Association has not complained yet because, out of respect, we were waiting to see what changes, if any, the new company would bring about. We will be watching the Board of Commissioners’ list of recommendations closely when you meet in January.


I CAN’T BE THE only person who is fed up with all these punks running around with guns terrorizing our communities! I propose that we pass a new law immediately that would add a mandatory 50 years, with NO chance of parole on top of any sentences given to felons caught with guns. It should be called J.D.’s Law.


I FEEL FOR THE person who wrote about others tramping all over their yard. We have had the same problems with grown boys, 16- to 20-year-olds, vandalizing our property, mailboxes and paper boxes. We even put up “no trespassing” signs, and that did not stop them. The law enforcement here where we live does nothing. I wish I could catch them in action; I would stop it for good!


A HUGE RAVE for the three teens from Country Place that brought my family cookies. We really enjoyed them! Thank you so much!


Thu, 08/17/2017 - 23:54

Rants and raves