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A RAVE TO THE Democrats for providing the end-of-the-year fireworks and fun. Isn’t it fun to watch the Democrats fight to extend the Bush tax cuts (the payroll tax cut) “for the working Americans” when the Democrats told us for years the Bush tax cuts were only for the wealthiest Americans!

WHAT IF THE PERSON you are holding a grudge against is the one person with whom you must be at peace in order to enter the gates of heaven? Is the fuel with which you must stoke the fires of your anger taking more and more energy from you? Give someone the best gift you can give this Christmas: Forgiveness.

I WOULD LIKE TO thank the doctor, two nurses and the caring citizens that came to my aid when I fell in front of Kmart on Dec. 19.

AUGUSTA AND THE surrounding areas have been very generous in their giving for people in need. Let’s not forget our true heroes “The Wounded Warriors.” My husband and I have decided instead of exchanging gifts the money spent for a Christmas present will go to help them.

THERE THEY GO AGAIN. Ron Cross and the Columbia County Commission have committed another arrogant action. Previously they spent a million dollars to dredge Bowen Pond, $22,000 to buy free coffee for employees and $8,500 to survey the Bowen Pond dam. Now they have authorized low-income housing in Magnolia Trace. I have a solution, move the location to a neighborhood in which a commissioner resides.

MY RANT IS FOR dictators of the world who have been run out of office. Then what do you call President Obama and Hillary Clinton telling these countries what to do?

THIS IS A RANT to all the charities I keep getting solicitations from in the mail. Everybody wants to help children in Third World countries. Why don’t we start helping some of these kids right here in America that are hungry or homeless? I might donate to something like that, but I’m tired of sending all of my charitable dollars to Africa and Iran and Iraq.

RAVES TO THE Georgia lottery system. I learned a lesson this year. I spent one dollar per week for the whole year and I have won back 2 dollars. A heads up for everyone in the community. We are helping someone make a fantastic profit.

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