Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



NOW THAT JENNIFER Keeton has got her answer from the federal court system, she needs to move on with her life. Since she will never be able to handle interfacing with the general population she needs to find a different career to that which she is pursuing.


MY RANT IS IF you do not like where this country is headed then come next year, vote the Democrats out. It’s a change that we can live with.


A RANT FOR people who don’t pay the small contractor. My husband, an honest contractor, just finished a job for a fellow. The final amount due was $1,279, and he decided he would only pay $400. So, right here at Christmas, my husband is out $879 while this fat cat income property owner has a great Christmas with his money.


OK, GEORGIA LEADERS; excuse me, I should say politicians, you have the farmers mad because they don’t have enough immigrant workers to harvest their crops and the taxpayers mad because they are tired of paying endless unemployment to thousands of jobless people, so .... let’s see, unless you are a progressive or socialist you should see the answer to two big problems. Now lead us or get out!


A RANT TO THE ranter who stated gas stations should be set up to reject junk food purchases by EBT cards. Anyone qualified to have an EBT card deals with enough poverty and misery. Are you really in favor of barring the poor from eating potato chips? When the card runs out, that’s it for the month; what food the bearer purchases with it is none of your business.


A RANT FOR THOSE drivers who stop in through-traffic to let some bozo turn left and cross two lanes of oncoming traffic. All it does is cause backups and folks hitting their brakes to keep from plowing into your rear end not expecting you to stop in the middle of the road because you want to be polite. You are not being polite; you are being a road hazard.


A RANT FOR STORES who don’t open enough cash registers for the holidays. I see 32 checkout lanes, but only 10 are open. What time of year other than Christmas would they all be open? Now might be that time. If I have to wait too long to check out I just put my stuff down and leave. How many others do the same and how much money are you losing in sales?