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Comments from readers:


I AGREE ABOUT stray animals but I have more of an issue with pesky children who come and go onto others property. Definitely up to no good most of the time. Keep them in your yard. They don’t need to irritate other people.


THANK YOU FOR for printing the pro-Occupy guest editorial in Monday’s paper. Even if you disagree with the Occupy movement, it is good to listen to their logic, and then you can reject it with knowledge of their point of view. I definitely support the printing of alternate points of view on the editorial page of any newspaper.


IT HAPPENED AGAIN: Belair Road and Washington Road, people turn left on red lights when green arrows are in my lane. You missed dying by six inches.


WHERE CAN ONE FIND the schedule for concerts at the new Columbia County amphitheater? How often will they be scheduled? Who knows? The check’s been signed and deposited by someone. Who?


INTERIM FIRE CHIEF Chris James has spent his career here in Augusta. He knows the bad, the good and the ugly and has not shied away from making hard decisions necessary to correct a multitude of problems. He is qualified, caring, competent and educated, hard working dedicated, and honest. We already have in house, the best man for the job.


RAVE TO THE person in the red car ahead of me in the drive-through at the West Town McDonald’s for paying for my order on Saturday morning. I paid for the person behind me and hope the spirit of Christmas continued.


TO THE RANTER about cats in their yard: Your rant was something to see at Christmas. Did you stop to think the cats that come in your yard might need help or be hungry or lost? Have you ever looked at a tag and called anyone about their cat?


IT IS SUCH A traumatic and sad time now that former Mayor Scott Dean is in all this trouble. It is a sad day in Harlem. I have seen him in town, and he is always respectful to me. He even offered me a ride. He and his family are just wonderful people. God can forgive us. Even if he did this he can still be forgiven by God. I hope the judge will have some leniency and mercy on him.


GOV. NIKKI HALEY does not speak for the entire State of South Carolina regarding the next president of the United States.



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:23

Rants and raves