Empty Stocking Fund donors list


Previously acknowledged: $89,123.46

In Memory of Marsden and Wenona Averette and Nicholas Erneston $150

From Braydon and Carter Goff $50

Anonymous $20

From Russell and Mary Ellen Jacobs $100

In Memory of our Papa Art Delmerico from Mia and Sam $20

In Honor of my Grandchildren, Logan Casto, Gillian Casto, Robert Casto $100

In Memory of Matthew B. Aitken $10

In honor of our Daughter, Dianne Stewart.

Everyone deserves a little smile for Christmas.

Ron & Edie Zareck $25

In Memory of Loved Ones $100

From: First Baptist Church (Mrs. Wiggins Class) $15

In Memory of Barbara Baxley. Given in love by:

Helen Kanavage, Peggy Chancey $50

In Memory of Terry Barwick and Michael Brown $200

In Memory of Ms. Gene Clark from Murphy & Robinson Opticians, Walton Way $100

In Loving Memory of our Father, Marion F. Brinkley Sr. $50

Merry Christmas from S.J. & F.N. $100

Count Your Blessings, Anonymous $100

From Jessie and Tammy Dees $50

From Dr. W. Larry and Mrs. Sara Hogue $100

From Mary Lee $100

In Memory of Maude and Hugh Brinson, Millen $50

From James and Jacquelyn Glover $25

In Memory of Marise Kuhlke’s Parents, Feliz Navidad $35

In Honor of Ryan and Casey Sebert $25

With Unlimited Appreciation for Brad Berry Bowman from a Grateful Friend $10

Susan Rowlett $100

Michael and Addi Cheesborough $50

In Memory of Woodrow and Hazel Armstrong $50

In the name of Jesus Christ $50

Nice Guy $50

Mom and Dad $50

Jody $20

Jerel $20

The Mura-Gill Family $25

In Memory of “Chef” James Clark $200

David Higley $25

The Employees of Zaxby’s $500

Lucy Ayers $40.00

Jane French $50

Daniel and Debra Brodowski $100

Five Star Moving Inc. $250

In Memory of our beloved Matriarch, Daisy McDonald from The Leiden Family $1,000

In Memory of Robert Padgett $25

Betty Landen $100

G. Lionel Zumbro, Jr., MD $250

Mittie Conners and Maria Nicholson $50

Anonymous $50

In Loving memory of Cecil and Ruby Earp $100

Have a Happy Christmas! $150

In Loving Memory of Sidney Lucas Clark $10

In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Jay Dennis by Jack and Cathy Lester $100

In Loving Memory of Aunt Gert, Raymond, Jessica, Fran and Jessica from M, M, J and J $50

In Memory of Al Smith who was a wonderful father to his 6 children. I miss you, Daddy $25

I Hope this will help! $200

Susan, Stuart, Rachel, and Geoffrey Marks $150

In Memory of my mother, Eileen Shrewsbury From Maureen Bravo $50

In Loving Memory of John and Lois St John $25

In Loving Memory of Betty J. Fulmer and Morris L. Fulmer $200

Anonymous $15

In Memory of James Bruce Campbell $200

Anonymous $40

Traci and Jeff Simless $500

Joe and Barbara Ellington $50

In Loving Memory of Kendall McCall and Lewis McCall $25

Anonymous $250

In Memory of Maddie and Ava $100

Astrid and Mario Winkler in honor of our grandchildren Kaitlyn, Olivia and Emma $60.00

Tom and Leslie Barrett $50

Sidley Family $100

In Memory of David “Sandman” James $50

In Honor of Lisa, Amanda, Joel and John Bryan Lillard and my parents Jimmy and Sara Lillard by John Lillard $50

In Loving Memory of Major Michael Dean Raley from Michelle, Bobby, Raley, Anne Sutton and Scout $25

In Honor of the owner’s of W.A. Bragg and Company; from their employees, Merry Christmas! $290.00

Wishing you the very best in 2012, mother and daddy. Merry Christmas, Love, David and Maribeth $50

In Honor of Tom Dozier from The employees of Gold Mech Inc. $500

Total today: $8,055

Total this year: $97,178.46



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Jury acquits man of aggravated assault