Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



THIS IS A RANT to the people that block Gordon Highway trying to get onto Fort Gordon. Stop it! There are three inbound lanes. Use the far right lane to get out of the way then merge when that lane runs out. Other people are trying to get to work, too.


DEATHS IN SYRIA are now over 5,000. How many more deaths will have to take place before the world reacts to stop this carnage? It’s time for the USA to show some real leadership in the matter.


DR. CONRAD MURRAY received the maximum sentence of four years for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. I think the judge should have sentenced him to two years and Michael Jackson to two years because both were responsible for his death.


THERE ARE MORE than 11,000 lobbyists in Washington. Lobbyists for defense contractors give campaign contributions to senators and representatives. Moreover, America has fought five undeclared wars, but Congress did not approve funding to pay the expenses.


PHOOEY. DEMOCRATS in D.C. are whining about tax cuts. They are only attempting to garner votes. If they remain in office during 2013, the tax and spend mentality will be uncontrollable.


IN REGARD TO the person who called Augusta Cares complaining about a dog chained to a tree without shelter: Call Animal Control. It is the law that the dog has shelter.


I AM APPALLED TO see teachers let children release balloons. They pollute God’s landscape, rivers, lakes, ponds and creeks. They kill fish, birds, wildlife and domestic animals who think they are edible. Please stop this practice.


A HUGE RANT to Richmond County for towing the vehicles of hunters parked well beyond the federal DOT guidelines on the side of Bobby Jones Expressway while hunting in Phinizy Swamp. According to the way the Georgia Code is written, in this case, it is only illegal Richmond County posted the signs.


HAVE YOU NOTICED that the gas pipe line runs from Alaska straight through the United States and goes to the Gulf of Mexico? The politicians plan on shipping our oil to foreign countries and keep America dependent on Arabian nations.

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