Rants and Raves



THE DOWNTOWN parade was once again full of the children wearing ill-fitting costumes and dancing suggestively for a family program. Perhaps the committee hasn’t received any complaints. Well, these rants should count.


A RANT TO THE woman who tried to use an EBT card to buy: a bag of chips, two sodas, candy bars and three honeybuns at the new gas station on Wrightsboro Road. What a waste of taxpayer money. I think gas stations need to be set up to reject junk food.


A RANT TO THE business on Washington Road with that flashing green light ... it’s annoying, it’s obnoxious, and causing traffic problems. Please shut it off.


PRESIDENT OBAMA, you got my vote for 2012.


AUGUSTA TECH Grovetown Campus: I thought when this was built that it would give residents an easier commute. There are several rooms with no teachers, and not enough classes are offered in the end building. This school was a waste of money when students who live in Grovetown still end up going to the Augusta campus.


TO THE PERSON complaining about people driving in the fast lane when they are not passing anyone: I have been on Bobby Jones Expressway doing 65 and I have people on my tail trying to get around me when I am in the passing lane passing cars. The speed limit is 55. If I am doing 65 and you are upset because I am in the way, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office needs to be on you.


I MIGHT SOUND like the Grinch who stole Christmas, but I don’t get this commercialized Christmas deal. It took me 30 minutes to get onto Wrightsboro Road. I don’t understand everybody running around like crazed wildebeests trying to figure out what to spend their last few pennies on. They will be in bankruptcy next year trying to pay it back.


ARE YOU TRYING to punish us by putting the funnies in the sports section and the advertising section? It seems like it.


WE HAVE LAWS against driving under the influence of alcohol because it impairs someone’s ability to drive safely. If talking on a cellphone or texting while driving does the same thing, they should be against the law too or we should repeal the laws against drinking and driving.

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