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CONGRATULATIONS to the coaching staff and to the young men of the Burke County High School football team for an incredible victory in the Class AAA championship game!

Congratulations are also due to the cheerleaders, advisers and parents. Additionally, of all the halftime performances, the Burke County band was the best I saw; I was able to hear and recognize the songs being performed.

I do not live in Burke County, but I was very proud for the school, the families, the fans and of the support shown by the residents of Waynesboro and surrounding area.

Well done! You did the CSRA proud!


TO THE PERSON WHO has a barking dog in Sumter Landing: Please shut him up.


AS I WAS driving into North Augusta I witnessed a young mother driving a black Honda. In the back seat were two child seats occupied by very young children. As I rode alongside the Honda I observed the mother texting all the way into town.

I tried to alert her to stop and concentrate on her driving and protect her children. She totally ignored my warning and went back to her addiction of texting.

I wonder what she will have to say when she plows into the back of a stopped vehicle and her children are hurtled through the windshield?


LOCAL BUSINESS would be more successful if they were open hours when people could use them. If I work 8 to 5 and you are open 8 to 5, then I can’t go to your hardware store, dry cleaners, ink refiller, etc. Maybe be open 11 - 7 and you will have more business.


RON ‘GRINCH’ CROSS just needs to go. He and all the good ole boys in Columbia County. There are more outsiders who live there and need to take over with experience from military, government and other fields.


I SAW A driver run the red light at Belair and Washington roads when I had the green arrow. I don’t expect cars to be running the red light from their side. I would have lived; you and your kids would be dead.


DOES THIS NEWSPAPER not know that there are many Georgia Southern fans and alumni in the CSRA?

They are advancing to the football playoffs and they get one article on page 8!

UGA gets three front-page articles this week, two of which are about the tailback position. We would like to have some front-page coverage on our Eagles.



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Rants and raves

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