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Missing toddler is found asleep on log

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — A 21-month-old boy was reunited with his family Satur­day after being lost for more than a day in woods near his home and spending a rainy night outdoors as temperatures fell into the low 40s.

Doctors said Jason Bur­ton was in good condition, the Spar­tan­burg County Sher­iff’s Office said.

About 200 people searched for the boy from the time he disappeared from his home in the Cross Anchor area Friday afternoon, sheriff’s deputies said.

A deputy and a state natural resources officer kayaking on the Tyger River about two miles upstream from the boy’s home spotted Jason sleeping on a log beneath an embankment, Sheriff Chuck Wright said.

The family told police that Jason must have walked out the front door while his mother was in the bathroom.

Black bear season is bust along coast

COLUMBIA — The first sanctioned black bear hunting season in more than half a century ended with just one bear bagged in three counties along South Carolina’s northern coast.

The experience from the first year of bear hunting in Horry, Georgetown and Williamsburg counties is that more of the animals will die from being hit by vehicles. About a dozen die on the highways of the three counties each year.

The state Department of Natural Resources approved a two-week bear season starting Dec. 1, but limited licenses to just 10 hunters in each county.

Police in Columbia will fight swearing

COLUMBIA — Police in Columbia say they’ve decided it’s time to enforce an ordinance that outlaws obscene language within city limits. Blue signs with the words “No Profanity” on them could be coming to parks in Columbia.

Police deny the ordinance violates First Amend­ment rights. Others believe enforcing such a law leaves it to police to judge the fuzzy distinction between what might be offensive speech to some people but not others.

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