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OCCUPY WALL STREET and all “Occupiers” have nothing on the American Indians who have long claimed most of America is ‘occupied territory’, illegally stolen from Native Americans by greedy white land grabbers. Native Americans have been crying out – to little avail – for their own social and economic justice, well before these ‘occupy copycats’ came along …


AUGUSTA IS on track to become just like Detroit.


WELL, RON CROSS GOT his personal park and photos with Lady A. Maybe if he had focused on his job, Columbia County would not be getting low income housing. You Cross voters were fools.


SOLVED THE PROBLEM of lady on the radio reading the news every morning. I turned off the radio; now I don’t have to listen to her or the advertisers.


NOW THAT Columbia County is in the entertainment business, what is the schedule for the use of that amphitheater we paid for? I can’t wait for the winter concerts and the summer concerts. Help me, Ronnie!


HUGE RANT to Columbia County for not flying flags half-mast Dec. 7 at the Courthouse and other government buildings in honor of those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor. Even the McDonald’s on Columbia Road lowered its.


DEAR, PONY EXPRESS, formerly the USPS. Just who do you think you are – the gas companies? We do NOT need you anymore!! We have Fed Ex and UPS. We can send e-cards to our friends, or Facebook greetings, and we can pay our bills online! Go ahead and cut services, you’ll be cutting yourself right out of existence!


A HUGE RAVE FOR Cheri at the Masters Restaurant on Gordon Highway. I stopped in there and ate the other day and (OMG) it was so good! The service, the food, and price!


I’VE GOT THE perfect location for the next “low-income” housing project in Columbia County: Chairman Ron Cross’ neighborhood!


HOW ABOUT THE city save some money it gave up to Pendleton King Park? This park does not belong to the city yet the upkeep is paid for by the city.


RON CROSS AND Trey Allen. Instead of putting the low income houses in the Petersburg subdivision, let’s put them in your subdivision where you live.


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

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