Empty Stocking Fund donors list

Previously acknowledged $63,445.30


In honor of three dear friends Jean, Mary and Martha $50

In memory of our PaPa from the Rushing family $50

In loving memory of Greg Schweitzer $50

In memory of Keith Benning $25

In memory of Deputy Wesley Mack, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, and all our fallen comrades in law enforcement by the Fraternal Order of Police $200

The Creel-Harison Foundation $1,082

In memory of Monty and Else $100

In memory of Bill Greene $50

“In memory of Skooten, Scamp, Sulli and Chu” $100

For “Toby” $100

In loving memory of my Husband Arnold J. Kellos Sr. $25

Mary Quinn $20

Anonymous $200

Catherine Liu Hsu $50

Grace Humphries $100

In loving memory of my husband Paul E. Hyatt $25

In memory of Jerry P. O’Hara Jr. by Jerry and Beverly O’Hara $50

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Adams $10

In memory of Paul M. Colohan Sr., Karen Courter, Alexis Colohan-Cannon, Adam Colohan and Nathan Colohan $25

Anonymous $20

Anonymous $100

Robert and Sue Caldwell $25

Anonymous $25

In loving memory of Joe Kardos and Eddie Taylor $100

Frances Mingledolph $25

Frances Tarte $100

Carey and Anne Hembree $50

Darryl and Angela Tom $100

In honor of our daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren from Ervin and Carolyn Parker $50

Hephzibah United Methodist Church $100

In memory of Ray Boutwell, Richard Boutwell and Harold Rutti from Mary L. Boutwell Rutti $100

Donald and Judy McWhorter $25

In honor of Mary Sydney and Peyton $50

“Voncille Tudor” $25

Merry Christmas Dot and Ed Velky $20

Total today: $3,227

Total this year: $66,672.30

* Previously reported in error

In memory of Preston and Beau Hillman and Annie H. Swann $100



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

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