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WHY DO SO MANY people here drive in the fast lane when they’re not passing anyone? Even with several cars behind them, most people absolutely refuse to move into the right lane to let them pass. This is driving 101, people. Please be courteous to your fellow drivers and move over.


PARENTS, PLEASE STOP smoking around your babies! It’s not fair to them and they stay sick all the time.


HOW CAN EVERYTHING KEEP going up except your paycheck?


IN RESPONSE TO the person “enjoying” and advocating the provocative dancing by the high school marching bands. It’s no wonder there is so much lust in this world. It is rather disgusting, and people like you wonder why there are a lot of teens having sex and getting pregnant. I think the parents that allow their kids to go out dressing like that and acting like that ought to be held accountable.


BIG RANT TO the blonde driving a white SUV at Barney’s Pharmacy on Peach Orchard. You kept sitting so I thought you wanted my parking space, then when I started to back out you laid on the horn. When I come up beside you at the light I saw the problem, a cell phone stuck to your ear.


RAVE TO WESTMINSTER for the way they handled the on-campus sex abuse. They could have handled things “in house”, but chose the right way by calling in the police. Two lives will never be the same, but the school did the right thing. If only Penn State and Syracuse were this smart and ethical.


IF MY TAX DOLLARS are going to stabilize Europe, then I want Scotland.


IS IT POSSIBLE PEOPLE quit buying houses because there are just too many houses?


A GIANT RAVE to The Augusta Chronicle. I missed my paper delivery Dec.1, called, and had it within 30 minutes. Thank you a bunch.


I’D RATHER BE cold on a motorcycle than warm in a car.


HILLARY, RUN AGAIN; you’ve got my vote.



Thu, 12/14/2017 - 22:35

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