Empty Stocking Fund donors list

Previously acknowledged $58,062.30



In memory of Fred and Ruby Ashcraft $50.00

Owen Brigham I’m three $3.00

In memory of Wiley and Frances Smith $40.00

In honor of Stanley & Katherine Wheatley $40.00

Karen and John Hayes $50.00

In memory of Marion White Linder $200.00

Robert & Peggy Medlin of Evans, Ga. $100.00

Given in memory of Will $50.00

Lula Collier $10.00

Geoffrey and Nancy Wells $100.00

In honor of the staff at Washington Road Publix $100.00

The Dunbar’s $25.00

In memory of my son Ronnie McNew $20.00

Anne Garris $30.00

In memory of Katie and Pat Murphy


In memory of William and Louise Sherrer $10.00

Don and Jean Ruddy $200.00

In memory of Preston and Beau Hillman $100.00

In memory of Tommy Winters from Mom and Dad $50.00

In memory of Barbara Mulherin $25.00

In memory of Leonard Damiano $20.00

“To celebrate our 56th Wedding Anniversary” $300.00

In honor of all returning soldiers from Afghanistan $200.00

In memory of our dear friend Bob Newton from the Thursday night card group $50.00

In loving memory of William L. Martin and Dora R. Villemain $100.00

Mary Martha Circle Aldersgate United Methodist Church $25.00

In loving memory of Sam Beckum Sr., Harold Young, Betty Norris from Margaret Beckum $100.00

In memory of my sister Vera Whitener By Richard E. Bailey $100.00

William A. Pierce, Sr. and Family $100.00

Given in memory of Iris and Ginny $50.00

In honor of Thomas Watson and Lucy Elizabeth Keith Millican $750.00

Merry Christmas Marjorie and George Milne $25.00

In loving memory of Harold Young from Helen, Kenneth and Sue $100.00

Lillie Bynes $20.00

In loving memory of our parents Ariel and Geneva Thornhill from Theo and Virginia Reid $50.00

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Crawford, Jr. $20.00

Anonymous $50.00

Karnig and Mary Kurkjian $100.00

McMichael Land and Timber $100.00

In loving memory of my parents Margaret and Marion Alston $100.00

Donald and Joan Wanner, Jr. $20.00

George Walton Lodge $100.00

Ralph Taylor $50.00

James Allen $100.00

Anonymous $150.00

Louis and John Ellingson $25.00

In memory of Doris and Frank $50.00

In memory of Cora and Jess $50.00

Alpha Delta Kappa Omicron Chapter Teacher’s Sorority $100.00

Joyce and Lawton James, Jr. $200.00

In honor and memory of my mother “Jo” Christian by Carole Bailey $100.00

Roy and Karen Davis $50.00

In loving memory of my best friend Anna B. From your buddy, Sam. Rest well $25.00

In loving memory of Jennifer Simless $100.00

Allen and Candace Slavens $100.00

Jane and Bill $100.00

In honor of Tom Dozier from the employees at Silver Sheet Metal $200.00

In honor of Tommy Dozier from the employees at Silver Sheet Metal $200.00

In loving memory of our parents by Reed and Jeri Wakeley $50.00

Nathan Bell Love All $25.00


Total today $5,383.00


Total this year $63,445.30