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Comments from readers:


RAVE FOR The Augusta Chronicle. You have such a fine newspaper. I look forward to reading it on Sunday morning. Now you have motivated me to go to church and pray that I can get my newspaper before I go to church. Please work on that.


THE COLUMBIA COUNTY Christmas tree lighting was beautiful. Will the county be lighting up a menorah in the park for Hanukkah, too? There is a significant population of Jewish taxpayers in Columbia County, and a menorah would not only add to the festivity of the holiday season but also assist in the inclusiveness of Columbia County’s Jewish population.


SHAME ON THE administration at the Blythe City Hall for cutting my water off two weeks after my father died. That was such a nice way to treat a Vietnam and Korean War veteran.


I SEE THAT Miley Cyrus has joined Occupy Wall Street. That should effectively end this movement.


ANOTHER METAL THIEF caught red-handed and all he gets is a citation. Really?


A RANT TO THE school principal, two church deacons, the president of the booster club and the school board member who heard the coach cursing at a recent football game. What would have happened to an unconnected student who walked the halls cursing? I say fire them all.


YOUR EXCELLENT ARTICLE defending attacks against Michele Bachmann, but look at the sour cartoon against Herman Cain right above it. Even if he is guilty, the cartoon is just as offensive as the attacks on Bachmann. Your readers expect better from The Chronicle and usually get better.


A RAVE TO the person who commented about the noise at the public libraries. The distraction from ringing cellphones, and unsupervised, loud, crying children is ridiculous. The librarians don’t say a word. The library used to be a place to go to get work done and to be able to concentrate. Why is it all right for such conduct to be tolerated?


A RANT REGARDING your editorial “Pulling for Phillip.” Are you kidding me? Why don’t we pull for the deputy who had to make the decision to use deadly force in order to protect his own life from a crowbar-slinging criminal? Shame on you, Augusta Chronicle.



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

Rants and raves