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IS THERE ANY PLACE that wants old Christmas ornaments, trees (artificial, of course), etc.? It seems a shame to throw them out, and many older people have too many.


A RANT FOR the person who complained that her daughter was picked up for a DUI. I am thankful that the police did catch her before she had the chance to kill someone. I hope it is a nightmare; it should be.

I am sure the families of drunken-driving victims will extend their deepest sympathies that your daughter is living a nightmare.


IT’S INTERESTING that an editorial writer bemoans the state of society two days after The Chronicle promoted an Augusta RiverHawks hockey game with a picture showing two players fighting. The next day, the leading page of the sports section showed referees separating fighting players.


A BIG RAVE TO ALL who came out and supported Laney High School for the dedication of the new gym last week in honor of coach Bonner and coach Smart.


WAKE UP, Columbia County parents. Your schools have been affected by Section 8 housing the past several years.


A RANT FOR the irate shopper who went off on the staffers at Bed, Bath and Beyond. She thought they orally greeted a customer and skipped her. Lady, get the chip off of your shoulder; you embarrassed your daughter.


RANTS FOR THE Bulldogs: Playing LSU is a little different from Ole Miss, Mississippi State, New Mexico State, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, etc. They played three good teams all year and got spanked each time. They still had two articles on the front page and four on Page 6. Georgia Southern won its playoff game in the second round and was on Page 7 with one article.


RANTS TO THE Dawgs: Sanders Commings should learn not to run his mouth before the game.


DON’T BLAME ALL the denizens of the Cherry Tree community for the crime. There are many fine people there who had children who got out of those projects. The Augusta Chronicle has written stories about them. It’s the bad ones there that need to be rooted out. I say that for public housing, there ought to be drug testing and searches of all facilities for illegal weapons and any drugs. Get metal detectors and drug-sniffing dogs in there.


Thu, 08/17/2017 - 01:43

Rants and raves