Empty Stocking Fund donors

Previously acknowledged $44,541.30



Our four Grandchildren
and 2 Great-grandchildren $25

Remember the Reason for the season $50

In memory of Davis and Florrie Toole $25

In memory of Tink and in honor of
Sabra Sanders $25

Santa $100

In memory of the Miles Sisters Olive,
Mary and Mildred and Mae Bell King Phillips $25

Kyra, Kelsey and Connor $30

Evelyn Buchanan $25

Mr. and Mrs. James Puryear $50

In memory of my husband Neill Commins $25

In memory of Bill, Marie and Betty $100

Ronald and Wanda Kimberly $100

In memory of my husband Howard Anderson
08-14-2009 Wife Joyce T. Anderson
another Christmas without you $20

Deavidence Mays $25

In loving memory of Christa and Jerry Stevenson
from their children $20

John and Shirlene Orden $25

Monique and Ralph Cauble $25

Thomas and Ruth Hitt $25

Kathy Jackson $20

“To God be the glory” $100

In memory of Charlotte Skinner $50

In memory of Fran Magruder $50

In loving memory of Marvin Richard $25

Priscilla and Clayton Bence $100

Blue Burckhalter $100

In honor of my grandkids Parker, Claudia
and Leila Eastmead $60

In memory of Cheryl Gadsby $45

Mac and Lynn Reeves $100

John Bush Jr. $100

Stephen and Suu Postelnick $200

In memory of Carolyn Richardson $25

In memory of J. Walter Rex $50

In loving memory of Ellen Lynn Mansberger
Forbes from The Mansberger Family $250

Merry Christmas! Natasha and Peter Flores $50

In loving memory of Scott Jarvis from Catherine
Jackson Mother $25

Santa $5

Byron and Susan Cruit $50

In loving memory of Lauren Cauthen from
Auto Roxanne and Uncle Jim $20

Jerome and Carolyn Hardman $25

In memory of Dan Morgan from Charlie, Jane,
SaraJane and Susie $50

Robert and Lucille Weldon $100

“For the Families of the MIA’S” Quin
and Pat Herlik $100

Bella Cooke for her friends Duke, Callie,
Abby and Harvey $50

In memory of Tommie, Helen and Jack $30

Anonymous $100

Anonymous $200

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Brand $100

Nancy and Al Carr $100


Total today $3,000

Total this year $47,541.30



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