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ABOUT FOUR WEEKS ago, my 87-year-old grandmother and 89-year-old grandfather decided to go to Wife Saver on Mike Padgett Highway for dinner. When the food was ready and they proceeded to pay, the woman at the register told them the bill had already been paid. The cashier pointed to a woman, and my grandmother gave her a hug and thanked her.

The woman told my grandmother that as she watched them together, they reminded her of her parents and how much she misses them. My grandparents said it was a blessing and they wanted everyone to know that wonderful and caring angels still exist.

Our family would like to thank her for blessing them.


I AM SO SICK of walking into stores and seeing young ladies and even grown women walking around in their pajamas. Have we just become that lazy? You sleep in PJs. … We need to get back to enforcing the old rules, where pants, shirt and shoes are required before entering an establishment.


I WOULD LOVE TO rant on the mayor, sheriff’s office and Augusta Commission, but I can’t. We’re the people responsible for voting in these people who obviously don’t have the best interest of all of Augusta at heart.


A RAVE FOR Augostino’s. My wife and I had the best Thanksgiving meal. The service could not have been better.


I READ SID Mullis’ column on mole problems. My mother found years ago you should go to a barber and get a bag of human hair. If you stuff the hair into the tracks that the moles use to travel through your yard, they will be gone in less than a week. It works every time.


I WANT TO THANK Melissa and the Church of the Nazarene for the Thanksgiving dinner they brought to St. John Towers. That was the best carrot and coconut cake I have ever had.


EVERYONE SHOULD write to the National Football League and let them know that Ray Guy, from Thomson, should be in the hall of fame. He deserves to be in there.



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