Empty Stocking Fund donors list


Previously acknowledged $36,025.40

Given by Catherine and Orville Morris in memory of their son Dennis Morris $25

Ann and Robert Attaway $50

Merry Christmas from Amy Jerome $56.90

Anonymous $50

In loving memory of our son Robert Ware Jr. $50

In loving memory of Ron Lindsey $20

In memory of Robert R. Todd $25

Tedd and Nancy Antonacci $100

“Shadow the Kat” $100

J.C and Ellen Douglas $25

Norma and Elige Hickman $50

Anonymous $25

Bobby and Lisa Corley $25

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Bilodeau $50

Thomas and Ursula Anderson $25

Michael and Teresa Ekre $25

In memory of James T. Sanders and Elaine Sanders Peppers $200

“In memory of David Wunder” from Chuck and Anne $50

Lorraine Seeby $20

Mary Pileggi $20

William Logan $250

In memory of Dewell H. Rushing $25

Ralph and Victoria Dubois $25

Bobby and Glenice Young $25

James and Phoebe Crimmins $100

Robert and Ghadam Matz $50

Helen and Robert Symms $100

Linda and Lloyd Young $100

In honor of our four children, spouses, five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, In memory of one grandson from Bill and Edith $100

Anonymous $25

Nancy and Robert Frey $20

Dianan Anderson $20

Women’s Veterans Club of the CSRA $100

Randy Gantt $25

Emily and Matthew Williams $10

Barbara Murphy $25

In honor of Hamp and Jack by “Bloomie” and Frank $100

C.J. Mitchum $20

In memory of my dear wife Ann of 62 years 1928-2011 from Henry Goldman $25

In memory of Anthony and Helen Donati and Wilma Schillor and Vicki Baker $75

In loving memory of our Dad and PaPa from Nat and Traci $75

Michael and Kathy Dupree $100

In loving memory of Clara Rivers and Richie Regan $50

Maurice and Jeannette Marcotte $25

Anonymous $100

Harold and Janice Fryman $50

In loving memory of my mother, Helly Gerhard $100

Gayle and Hugh Davidson $25

In loving memory of Mrs. Ann Blanchard by her family $50

Richard and Patricia Howard $25

In memory of my husband, Jake, from Mabel Marbach $25

Martha Ostendorff $100

John and Revonda Hall $200

M.C. Cunning $50

Anna and Ronald Osborne $50

Ramona Penn $50

J. David Penn $50

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Lodge $50

Merry Christmas from two good friends; Shelby Keefer and Thomas Collingsworth $250

In memory of my niece Jean McDonald from Mrs. Mary Lewis $10

In memory of my dear husband A.J. Lewis and beloved son Ray Dixon, from Mrs. Mary Lewis $40

In memory of Ben and Irene Hulsey $100

In honor of grandchildren and great-grandson, Taylor Austin Trent, Cassie Linnea Trent, Colby Morrell Trent and Javin Maddox Trent from James and Norma Jean Shaver $50

Pa-Granny Holt in loving memory of Kayla Nicole Swearinger $15

Kacy, Kristen, Kellie, Big- Man-Shane and Pa Holt $15

Michelle Matthews $10

Bill and Georgia Kozel $100

The Augusta Chapter of The Links Inc. $144

Robert McGranahan $25

John and Tamara Rutt $100

Merry Christmas! Marcus, Fran, Ward and Caroline Spratlin $100

Carl and Kazuko Bishop $50

Shirley Hermitage $30

Memory Johnson $50

Pamela Jenkins $25

In memory of April Nichols, Love, Mom, Dad, Kyle, Allison, Jeff, Drayon and Sawyer $50

In memory of Charles Holsonbake, Love your wife Connie Holsonbake $25

In loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Story $15

In loving memory of Bud McKee $15

In memory of Jordan Kicklighter from Jim, Judy and Dan $100

Leonard and Marilyn Syphrit $100

In memory of Leland Zeigler $50

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Hiers $50

Anonymous $100

Jackie Sewell 100.00

Ronald and Mary Harrell $20

H.M. Eller $10

Frances Ansley $25

James and Brenda Findlay $50

In memory of James and David $25

Karlette Butler $30

Daniel Graham $500

Anonymous $75

In honor of Joe, Cooper, Menger, McKenzie, Matthew and Jake from G-Man $200

The Kings $50

Anonymous $25

Jerry Pearson $25

Kathy and Harry Rachels $10

Carl and Barbara Brown $50

Barrett, Sara Beth, Ellie, Mary Dennis, and Wiley $250

Uniparts U.S.A. Ltd. Season Greeting, from our family to yours … UUL continues to give and bring joy to family … Lester, Rick, Steve, Tim, Juliet, and Lauren $500

Pat and Steve $100

Mike’s Custom Cycle $10

Paul and Carol Gage $25

Anna Mcnulty $20

In loving memory of our grandparents, Hattie and Harry Pund and Lelia and Erby Carlton $75

Carly $25

In memory of Ricky Anderson $50

James and Cathleen Redmond $25

Guy and Joan Daniels $100

Edgefield Dental Clinic $100

Lill Mannos $25

Elizabeth Pond $100

Susan Schafer $100

In memory of my husband Herman Peskin, MD $100

Miriam Atkins and Schuler Atkins $200

In memory of my son Michael $10

Anonymous $75

Anonymous $100

Mary and Edward Nisbet $25

Kelley and James OQuinn $100

In memory of my husband Ralph Wong $200

Total today $8,515.90

Total this year $44,541.30



Tue, 11/21/2017 - 12:55

TV show to recount Grovetown murder