Rants & Raves



Comments from readers:


IS IT FAIR TO borrow college money and then demand somebody else pay your debt?


A BIG RAVE TO Lt. Reynolds and his men and women at Station 7. Thank you so much for your kindness on Thanksgiving Day. You made the day very special for me, my family, and especially for my sister, Becky. May God always keep you safe.


PLANT VOGTLE HAS expansion plans that are $42 million over budget. How can a private business make such a mess? It’s because the federal government stalled things.


A RANT TO ALL those shoppers who stole time from their families on the one day set aside each year to be thankful for what we have instead of being greedy for what they can get. And what 2-year-old really needs a $300 toy car, even if she did save $150? Yes, times are hard, but why not teach your children the value of a dollar by giving them sensibly priced items and helping them to learn to appreciate what they have?


THE BELOVED WHISTLE Stop restaurant at Greene and Sixth streets was burned down by arson over Thanksgiving. This is why Augusta will always be a second-rate town. We have a historical landmark like the Whistle Stop that was turning into a positive community place to meet, and some derelict with no respect throws a fire bomb in the window and up in smoke good community goes.


CONGRESSIONAL politicians claim that they can’t find places to cut the budget. Have you ever seen such blatant liars?


I’M SO GLAD TO see the entertainment the Republican presidential candidates are supplying. It’s too bad there’s nothing funny about their foolishness to refuse to raise taxes a little bit on the ones who earn the most.


TO THE PERSON OR people who regularly seem to come by my house after I’ve spent hours getting up pine straw. This pine straw didn’t magically appear in trash cans or bags just for you. Like a thief in the night you appear and take my pine straw without asking. Maybe your parents didn’t raise you to ask permission to take things that don’t belong to you or to work for things you might want or need, but mine did. If you want my pine straw, come knock on my door and ask. I will tell you to get my rake and help yourself.



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